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Welcome to Black Sails, where our founders bring a set of diverse and rich experiences to the helm. With 40 years of expertise, our first founder has successfully owned and steered businesses ranging from aircraft maintenance to a low-cost airline and a software venture. His extensive knowledge and visionary leadership are integral to our mission at Black Sails. Alongside him, our second founder brings 20 years of valuable experience, having shaped minds as a technology lecturer, led cutting-edge aerial research and development, and managed a thriving software company for over a decade.

At Black Sails, it’s not just our founders who make us special, our team of skilled engineers and creative professionals are the backbone of our operations. Together, we share a commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting digital solutions that are not only innovative but also truly transformative for our clients. Our combined expertise and collaborative spirit ensure that Black Sails is more than just a company—it’s a powerhouse of ideas and execution, dedicated to your digital success.

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Black Sails is proudly based in Sydney, Australia, serving clients across the entire nation. As a quintessentially Australian company, we are dedicated to supporting and enhancing businesses all over the country, from bustling city centres to regional hubs. Our roots in Sydney provide us with a vibrant creative environment and a gateway to all states, enabling us to deliver exceptional digital solutions wherever they are needed. Whether you are in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, or anywhere else in Australia, Black Sails is your local partner in driving digital innovation and success.

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At Black Sails, we cater to a diverse range of clients across all sectors and sizes. From ambitious startups and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and government agencies, we offer tailored digital solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our extensive experience spans various industries, including hospitality, retail, industrial, manufacturing, mining, and more, enabling us to provide specialised services that are as unique as the sectors we serve. Whether you are looking to innovate in a bustling city centre or streamline operations in a remote mining town, Black Sails is your dedicated partner. We ensure that no matter your industry or company size, you receive innovative solutions and dedicated support necessary to navigate today’s digital landscape and drive your success.


Black Sails aims to lead with digital solutions that are as ambitious as our clients, built on the bedrock of lasting relationships and a unique fusion of traditional principles and modern insights.


Our mission at Black Sails is to deliver exceptional digital services that accurately reflect our clients’ objectives, fostering enduring partnerships with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

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